London Writers’ Club

One for the (London-based) writers among you.

The London Writers Club is a new monthly event put on by a couple of agents, with the intention of allowing writers (both working and prospective) to network. A friend of mine put me onto it a few weeks ago. Like I said, it’s fairly new (I believe […]

I Think It Means I’m Weird, Love…

Jules: [Holding a book about dream interpretation] What was that dream you had last night about?

Me: I dreamed that I was inserted into a virtual reality simulation of an auditorium as part of a road-safety education campaign and then, when I could feel they were about to bring us back out, and purely on […]

Spam Reaches New Bizarre Theshold

Most spam tends towards the bizarre. I guess it’s a feature of the genre, or would be were spam a genre rather than a plague. But I just received one that pushed the envelope to new levels of illogicality, starting with the mail’s subject:

Wish you had three hands you could wear a watch on?