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Month: May 2009

London Writers’ Club

One for the (London-based) writers among you.

The London Writers Club is a new monthly event put on by a couple of agents, with the intention of allowing writers (both working and prospective) to network. A friend of mine put me onto it a few weeks ago. Like I said, it’s fairly new (I believe that the event I attended was its third), but the event I went to was very professionally put on and had drawn quite a crowd. It does cost to get in, but the talk we had (by author Matt Whyman) was very good, and I had some really interesting chats with some of the other attendees.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the next event as I’m busy that evening, but I definitely intend to go to future events. However, they’ve got the details up on their website so I thought I’d put them up here:

London Writers’ Club

‘An inspiring networking club for writers run by publishing professionals, Kirsty Mclachlan and Jacqueline Burns.’

June 9 speaker: Script Factory’s Lucy Scher
What does it take to turn a book or idea into a great script for the screen?

Lucy has worked with writers on short, feature and documentary projects. She has delivered courses for production companies, MEDIA training courses and the UK Film Council; and conducts development training for The Script Factory both in the UK and internationally. She also runs screenwriter training for the Arvon Foundation.

Date: June 9

Time: 6.30-8pm, Bar opens 6pm

Venue: Clerkenwell House, 23-27 Hatton Wall, Clerkenwell EC1

If you’d like to meet other writers and be inspired to take your writing to the next level the London Writers’ Club is for you.

If hanging out with all sorts of writers who share practical advice about writing is what you need then come along to a London Writers’ Club event.

Tickets: £10 in advance and £15 on the door.

I Think It Means I’m Weird, Love…

Jules: [Holding a book about dream interpretation] What was that dream you had last night about?

Me: I dreamed that I was inserted into a virtual reality simulation of an auditorium as part of a road-safety education campaign and then, when I could feel they were about to bring us back out, and purely on a whim, I decided to focus all my consciousness, essence and being into a scrap of plastic that I’d torn off a carrier bag I’d just thrown over my shoulder.


It was actually a horrible, scary experience. The instant I did it I realised that I’d made a truly terrible mistake. The only way I can describe it is that it felt as though my soul was being sucked out. I could feel myself ceasing to exist as a person. I managed to croak out a desperate, “Somebody help me…” and then reality turned to an empty nothing.

And then I woke up, which was quite a relief all things considered.

Spam Reaches New Bizarre Theshold

Most spam tends towards the bizarre. I guess it’s a feature of the genre, or would be were spam a genre rather than a plague. But I just received one that pushed the envelope to new levels of illogicality, starting with the mail’s subject:

Wish you had three hands you could wear a watch on?

Erm, no. I currently use my mobile phone to tell the time, but when I did wear a watch I found that one was easily enough. Two would be overkill. Three would be… disturbing. The mail then continues, with the following body:

Any hottie will be yours when she sees a Submariner SS watch on your wrist.

Especially when she sees that you’re wearing three Submariner SS watches… and realises you’re a three-armed mutant! You’d be so in then.

Or perhaps not.

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