Jules: [Holding a book about dream interpretation] What was that dream you had last night about?

Me: I dreamed that I was inserted into a virtual reality simulation of an auditorium as part of a road-safety education campaign and then, when I could feel they were about to bring us back out, and purely on a whim, I decided to focus all my consciousness, essence and being into a scrap of plastic that I’d torn off a carrier bag I’d just thrown over my shoulder.


It was actually a horrible, scary experience. The instant I did it I realised that I’d made a truly terrible mistake. The only way I can describe it is that it felt as though my soul was being sucked out. I could feel myself ceasing to exist as a person. I managed to croak out a desperate, “Somebody help me…” and then reality turned to an empty nothing.

And then I woke up, which was quite a relief all things considered.