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Date: June 4, 2009

It’ll Be Bed-ins For Peace Next, I’m Telling You…

I think some people are starting to worry that Amanda Palmer is becoming Neil Gaiman’s Yoko:

Ah me, it seems love has clouded your judgement, you’re a writer damn-it & a great writer with an original voice-this makes you look just silly!Pity!

Okay Neil, what exactky is the point of this photo? I always thought you were a “private” person and now you pose, with your girlfriend in a bath tub? Not this is not a photo of a serious author – but it is of a media whore! Pity, you have such talent. An

I suspect he doesn’t care.

Some Advice From An Author

Just read an interesting interview with Marshall Karp on M. J. Rose’s blog, Buzz, Balls & Hype. Two bits in particular caught my attention, not for what they say – because neither is a new thought to me – but because of the rather entertaining way in which he expressed it.

You’re not going to like this, boys and girls, but here it is:  The single most important person marketing your book is you.  In fact, there will be plenty of times when you’ll feel like the ONLY person marketing your book is you.  That doesn’t mean your publisher doesn’t love you.  It just means that your publisher is busy with all the other kids who write books.  It’s kind of like OctoMom.  She just doesn’t have enough tits to go around.


…the most common mistake I see is that an author puts up a site and walks away from it, thinking it’s all done till the next book come out.  The best sites are dynamic and change on a regular basis.  That means reaching out to your readers.  Often.  And not just with your latest appearance schedule, but with something that interests them and keep them interested in you.  Blogging works.  And blogs are a great way to give readers a taste of how you write before your editor fixes it.

Now I just need to think of something interesting to say.

You can find the full interview at:

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