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It’ll Be Bed-ins For Peace Next, I’m Telling You…

I think some people are starting to worry that Amanda Palmer is becoming Neil Gaiman’s Yoko:

Ah me, it seems love has clouded your judgement, you’re a writer damn-it & a great writer with an original voice-this makes you look just silly!Pity!

Okay Neil, what exactky is the point of this photo? I always thought you were a “private” person and now you pose, with your girlfriend in a bath tub? Not this is not a photo of a serious author – but it is of a media whore! Pity, you have such talent. An

I suspect he doesn’t care.

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  1. Gareth

    If by “some people”, you mean “one person”, since those are the only negative comments, and they’re both by a single poster….

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