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Andrew Brons

Andrew Brons, 61, started his nazi career in the National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler’s birthday by the British nazi Colin Jordan. NSM members were responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s, of which Brons stated: “On this subject I have a dual view, in that I realise that he is well intentioned, I feel that our public image may suffer considerable damage as a result of these activities. I am however open to correction on this point.”

Brons was later a prominent member of the National Front. As the NF’s education officer he hosted seminars on racial nationalism and tried to give its racism a more “scientific” basis. In 1982, Brons led an NF march through Northfield on which marchers chanted: “we’ve got to get rid of the blacks”.

In June 1984 Brons was convicted of behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace following his arrest in Leeds while selling papers in a shopping centre. He and another NF member were heard shouting slogans such as “Death to Jews”, “White Power” and “National Front”. When approached by PC John Raj, Brons stated: “inferior beings like yourself probably do not understand the principle of free speech”.

On 7th June 2009, the people of Yorkshire and Humberside elected Andrew Brons as one of their European Parliament members.




  1. Paul T

    Could be worse, could be Liverpool who now have the leader of the facist, racist scumbag party as their MEP.

    • Jonny Nexus

      “facist, racist scumbag party”

      I sense you’re not a fan of the BNP..?


  2. Jonny Nexus

    There are some comments on this post on this blog’s Live Journal feed.

  3. MatGB

    the people of Yorkshire and Humberside elected Andrew Brons as one of their European Parliament members.


    A small minority of us voted for him, and because the Labour vote collapsed into nothing, he got in despite getting fewer votes than last time, unlike in, say, London, where the BNP vote went up.

    And yes, I am still annoyed about it, we haven’t got a decent MEP up here (unlike in the NW, where Cris Davies is doing a sterling job, and deserves a lot of credit for the defeat of the bastard nazi party in Burnley).

    (catching up after a summer mostly offline hence the belated comment)

  4. MatGB

    Ah, that makes it look like I was one who voted for him. Obviously that wasn’t the intent. I voted for Wallis and her husband, despite reservations.

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