The Right Honourable Nazi for Yorkshire & The Humber

Kelly Holmes is not fully British, says BNP MEP Andrew Brons.

That’s Dame Kelly Holmes and plain, old Mister Andrew Brons, for those keeping score.

London Writers’ Club

A while ago I posted about the next meeting of the London Writers’ Club. Well that meeting (June 9th) was postponed because of the tube strike, and is instead on tomorrow night (Tuesday 16th June).

This is good for me, as I couldn’t make last Tuesday.

Anyhow, I’ll be there. If anyone’s into writing and […]

Some Tips Heard/Learned/Observed Over the Weekend

Heard, about child-discipline:

“If you’re ever threatening an action should your child choose to do something naughty, don’t ever make a threat that you aren’t prepared to follow through on.”

“Like, don’t threaten to throw them out of a third-floor window?”

“Well you’ve got to at least be prepared to dangle them out of it […]