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Date: June 17, 2009

I’m Not In London Anymore

One of my memories of my grandfather is that his television used to show cinema adverts.

Back home, in London, in the huge Thames/LWT television region that covered some eight million people, we only got slick, national adverts, for slick national products. But my grandfather lived in Somerset, in the much smaller HTV-West region, where they got adverts that I can only describe as “cinema adverts”.

You know the sort of thing, all bad voice-over and cheap, static graphics. “Come to Joe’s Fish & Chip shop! Just past the police station in Shepton Mallet high street!”

I just saw a cinema advert, and I wasn’t in the Odeon at the time. I didn’t catch what it was they were advertising, but they apparently have branches in Lewes, Eastborne and Hastings. 

I’m not in London anymore.

I Will Be At Discworld 2010

This post is perhaps taking advance notice to a ridiculous extreme, but just for the record, and because, well, I am going to be there… I’ll be at the Discworld convention 2010, run by my very good friend Brian Nisbet. I was at the last convention in 2008 (it’s run every other year) and it was perhaps the friendliest convention I’ve been to.

There was a stage during the Sunday evening where I realised what it felt like: a family wedding, a bunch of people who didn’t all know each other, but who were united in common community and shared affection.

If you’re a fan of things Discworld, I’d strongly recommend it.

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