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I Will Be At Discworld 2010

This post is perhaps taking advance notice to a ridiculous extreme, but just for the record, and because, well, I am going to be there… I’ll be at the Discworld convention 2010, run by my very good friend Brian Nisbet. I was at the last convention in 2008 (it’s run every other year) and it was perhaps the friendliest convention I’ve been to.

There was a stage during the Sunday evening where I realised what it felt like: a family wedding, a bunch of people who didn’t all know each other, but who were united in common community and shared affection.

If you’re a fan of things Discworld, I’d strongly recommend it.

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  1. kris


    NOW why weren’t you in Germany, US, Ireland… Wadfest…

    Glad you are gonna be there. You will have a new book by then won’t you? 😀

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