I can now do the coolest thing on my phone. I can take pictures with it, and then, get this, send those pictures to people so they can see them on their phones! And if that wasn’t cool enough… they can send me pictures back! It’s this really cool new technology called MMS!

How awesome is that?

Yes, I am an iPhone user who just downloaded the iPhone 3.0 software. Why do you ask?

(And yes, hard-core Apple fan-boy that I might be, I’m still bewildered as to how they managed to release a phone that had a colour screen and a camera, but not the means to send pictures from my camera to someone else’s screen, or from their camera, to my screen. Yes, I could email the picture to them, but a lot of people don’t have an email account, and most of those that do, don’t have email -reading smart phones. And words cannot describe how infuriating it was to receive text messages from O2 saying that someone had sent me a picture, but that to see it would require me to fire up the browser, go to a website, and log into my O2 account – a process that often took several minutes more than it turned out the picture was worth. It’s nice to now have it, but what the hell were they thinking?)