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In The Beginning…

It’s often said that the best way to get a story written is just to sit down and start writing it, at the beginning.

I heartily concur with this advice, if for no other reason than that having written said beginning you’ll invariably discover that your story actually begins somewhere else entirely.

Perhaps time to rewrite what I just wrote this morning.

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  1. budgie

    90% of the fast fictions – if not more – were written the same way:

    1. I’d come up with an opening sentence, to set the mood. I’d write the rest of the story.

    2. I’d end up with about 250 words, and I’d start editing the story down, down, down, and I’d get to about 215-220 words, and then…

    3. I’d realise that the first sentence was entirely unnecessary, so I’d remove it.

    4. I’d tidy it up and publish it.

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