…this wouldn’t be looking good.

2nd June 2009: Cubicle 7 Joins Rebellion Group.

23rd June 2009: Cubicle 7 – Adamant Entertainment Announce Partnership.

24th June 2009: Cubicle 7 – Postmortem Studios Announce Partnership.

25th June 2009: Cubicle 7 – Boxninja Announce Partnership.

First GMS, then Grim, and now Gregor!

Who’s next?

Probably someone starting with G..?

Hanrahan! Start running now! Don’t look back!

(And of course, seriously, I think Angus is a great bloke. I think Cubicle 7 are going places. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their Doctor Who RPG is the monster success that they deserve and that roleplaying needs. And I think it’s cool that people are teaming up with them.)