I’m Not Sure That’s Helping

Human life has always involved balancing risks against reward, and I sometimes think that the more information we have available to us, the harder this gets. Take swine flu, for example. Compared with some diseases of the past, this is a pussy-cat, and yet it’s already managed to escalate to a serious political crisis.

When […]

WordWatch: Fiancé / Fiancée

One of the interesting aspects of the English language is that it is defined not by experts, but by its users. Ultimately, there is no right way or wrong way to speak English; instead there is simply the way it is spoken. The Oxford English Dictionary is usually regarded as the definitive authority on the […]

One Giant Leap..?

I was a month old when Apollo 11 arrived on the moon, and three years old when Apollo 17 left. I’m not a child, with a future ahead of him; I’m a forty year old man more than halfway into his three score and ten, with as much life behind him as he might hope […]

Last Night’s Game…

…was virtual.

“Which one of you has got the lowest luck?”

“That’s never a good question for the GM to ask.”

It’s been a while since I last blogged about my Tuesday night game. I initially stopped when I took a blogging holiday, but by time I restarted blogging, it was […]

A Feminist Perspective On Denis Walsh

By friend Brian has, in comments to my previous post, pointed me at a very interesting article that puts the case for Denis Walsh, the midwife who caused something of a stir by apparently suggesting that pain in childbirth is a good thing. It is true that we’re all basing our opinions on newspapers’ intrepretations […]

Now That’s A Response

Yesterday, the blogo-twittersphere was buzzing with the news that Dr Denis Walsh, associate professor in midwifery at Nottingham University, had written a piece in Evidence Based Midwifery in which he stated his belief that pain in childbirth is a good thing, and something that women should not attempt to avoid through such pain-killing methods as […]


4Paws was very cute last night. It was one of those moments that I guess makes owning a dog so special.

She’s always pretty happy to see me when I arrive home, but when I arrived home last night she’d apparently been having a nap, and was thus even more excited and energetic than usual. […]

Adam Marek’s Instruction Manual For Swallowing

A few weeks ago, I went to Tales of the Decongested, an event about which I didn’t blog because I was more concerned over the disappearance of my entire website, due to what turned out to be some kind of idiotic cock-up by my hosting company.

So what I didn’t mention was that I met […]

I Have A New Girl In My Life

She’s seven-months old, black and white, and is always sure to greet me with a wagging tail when I get home from work. Yes, we have a dog.

In accordance with my long standing policy of protecting people’s privacy by using Internet handles rather than their real names, I will henceforth refer to her as […]

Marie Phillips at London Writers’ Club

Last night I went to the London Writers Club to hear a talk by Marie Phillips, author of Gods Behaving Badly. (You may remember that I mentioned this event last week).

It was really good. She gave a lot of good advice, too much to mention, so I’ll just mention two things that really struck […]