She’s seven-months old, black and white, and is always sure to greet me with a wagging tail when I get home from work. Yes, we have a dog.

In accordance with my long standing policy of protecting people’s privacy by using Internet handles rather than their real names, I will henceforth refer to her as 4PawsNexus, or 4Paws for short. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m hopelessly smitten.

Yesterday, we all took a very long walk (about 4 miles) up the sea front into Hove, stopping at Heather Mills’s new vegan cafe. (We couldn’t go in, because it was very late and it was booked for a private party, but we had a really good chat with the chef and it all sounds pretty good). And 4Paws had a lovely time, sniffing around, chasing after her ball, and enjoying lots of “doggy handshakes” (a.k.a. prolonged arse-sniffing) with lots of other very nice dogs. It really is true that you talk to people a lot more when you’ve got a dog.

And then we went home to our beds.