Human life has always involved balancing risks against reward, and I sometimes think that the more information we have available to us, the harder this gets. Take swine flu, for example. Compared with some diseases of the past, this is a pussy-cat, and yet it’s already managed to escalate to a serious political crisis.

When our ancestors were facing TB and cholera, they didn’t make it the topic of the day in Parliament or the newspapers. They just got on with their day to day lives; unless they caught it and died, in which case they quite understandably didn’t.

But I was quite taken when I went into the loo just before lunchtime and found that someone has left a can of some antiseptic wash product called “No-Germs” in there. (Clearly from the same school of marketing that produced “No More Nails”). That’s a sensible response to the threat of swine flu, right?

Well maybe… But it wouldn’t it have been better if they’d taken the cap off? With it on, I’d have to fully grasp the can with both hands in order to use it – and every bloke on the floor will be using it to, quite possibly straight after using the toilet. On the risk verses reward scale, I’m not quite sure where this one stands.

I elected not to use it.