From time to time, and especially when she’s just woken up, 4Paws seems to find herself in a biting/gnawing sort of mood. Her mouth opens wide, she emits a strange high-pitched yawn/whine/cry utterly unlike any other sound she ever makes, and then quickly starts gnawing away on whatever object might be within reaching distance: her bone toy, her blanket… a carelessly placed hand. At which point Jules usually shoves one of her own paws into her yawing mouth, telling her: “If you want to chew on something, chew on that!” (This usually produces a moments confused pause, before she resumes chewing on whichever of our body parts she was previously chewing on).

We’ve got family staying with us at the moment. Yesterday morning, 4Paws got up and wondered out of our bedroom and into the guest bedroom where my mother-in-law was sleeping. (Or at least presumably was sleeping until the dog decided to come and say hello). For a few minutes we heard absolutely nothing, and concluded that 4Paws had gone peacefully to sleep on the bed next door. And then…

Mother-in-law: [amused] Are you biting?

4Paws: Yahhhrraa yahhhrraa yarralllll….

That’ll be a yes then, right?