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Last Night’s Gaming Session

We’d parked ourselves in an extremely expensive, albeit dubious, club, and had dinner. Post-dinner, talk had moved onto the bill.

General Tangent (GM): The waiter tells you that the bill is three pounds.

[A discussion ensues about the size of the bill. It is eventually, and reluctantly, accepted.]

General Tangent (GM): [To TAFKAC] Okay, make a credit rating roll.

TAFKAC: Failed.

General Tangent (GM): Okay you haven’t got any money with you. Emily [TAFKAC’s PC’s NPC personal assistant] normally carries it.

TAFKAC: But she’s here with us.

General Tangent (GM): No she isn’t.

TAFKAC: Yes she is. She was outside in the street with us, and I’m not going to leave her out there, am I?

General Tangent (GM): Okay. [Thinks for a moment]. In which case the bill’s four pounds.


  1. Jonny Nexus

    Testing one. This one should get held by moderation.

  2. Jonny Nexus

    This is a test with the CAPTCHA system.

  3. General Tangent

    I still liked the idea of TAFKAC paying with a cheque. Even if you were slightly suspicious of the clubs owner 🙂

  4. John

    Cheques – those nice things with your real name on them. Just what you want to hand over to people involved in ritualistic mass murder.

    And if you can see this then the CAPTCHA works.

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