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Never Give Up

I think there’s a lot to be said in life for never giving up, and fighting on to the bitter end. Take Manchester United. They’ve been pretty much at the top of English football for nearly twenty years now, and a lot of that is due to them never giving up. I don’t think any other team has their ability to score a winner in the 98th minute.

I just saw (via the Guardian’s The Sport Blog page) another classic example. Brazilian second division side Viana needed to win their final match by eleven goals in order to win promotion, but with only nine minutes to go they were only two-nil up. Did they give up? No. They kept on fighting and managed to score nine goals in nine minutes.

Obviously, they were helped by the fact that they’d clearly bribed the opposition, but I think the point still stands.

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  1. Craig

    You lost me the second you started talking football.

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