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Some Pretty Exciting Game Night News

Hi all,

It’s coming up to a couple of years since Game Night was published, so now seems the right time to do something different. Something big. Something that will get it out there to all the people who not only haven’t yet read it, but haven’t yet even heard of it.

We’re doing this. I’m pretty excited.





London, 2nd November 2009

Magnum Opus Press is publicising the ebook release of award-nominated comic novel Game Night by Jonny Nexus by serialising the entire text on leading fantasy roleplaying community website ENWorld.

The whole book will be released online in twenty-six free weekly instalments, with each episode directing readers to websites where they can buy and download the full ebook edition of Game Night.

“We knew it was important to choose the right partner for this project,” says James Wallis, director of Magnum Opus Press,. “ENWorld’s status as the number one website for roleplaying fans made it the obvious choice, and they’ve been enthusiastic from day one.”

ENWorld’s Russell Morrissey adds: “I bought and read Game Night over a year ago and laughed the whole way through. As a novel which will tickle the funnybone of every gamer out there, serialising it on ENWorld adds fantastic high-quality extra value for readers of the website. I personally can’t wait to start reading it again, and sharing my enjoyment of the book with many others.”

Game Night was described by RPG.net as “The best novel every written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about anything.” The print edition of the book was nominated for a prestigious ENnie Award in 2008.

Jonny Nexus, author of Game Night, says: “Game Night’s been out nearly two years now, and while it’s sold well and we’ve done what we can to publicise it, I know there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t even heard of it. Partnering with ENWorld in this way will put the book before the eyes of tens of thousands of new people. If some of them choose to buy it that will be great, but as a first-time author I’m really just wanting people to read what I worked so hard to create.”

About Jonny Nexus (http://www.jonnynexus.com):

Jonny Nexus has been writing roleplaying-related humour for over ten years now, and is cautiously optimistic that he might be getting quite good at it. He is the editor, co-founder, and chief-writer of the cult webzine Critical Miss and has written both a book and a regular monthly magazine column for leading roleplaying publisher Mongoose Publishing.

Jonny lives in Brighton with his wife, their dog, and an array of chew toys that the dog invariably leaves on the top-most step but one. Game Night is his first novel.

About Magnum Opus Press (http://www.magnumopuspress.com):

Magnum Opus Press was set up in 2007 to release historical books, fiction and games. It is experimenting with new forms of publishing and different ways of writing, selling and distributing books, including speed-writing, print-on-demand, ebooks and web syndication. Director James Wallis will be speaking on new systems for writing fiction at the Jump! writers’ conference in November (http://www.spreadtheword.org.uk).

About EN World (http://www.enworld.org):

Founded ten years ago by owner Russell Morrissey, EN World is a leading independent RPG news and community website which receives 10 million page views every month from over 200,000 gamers. Amongst its assets are the premier RPG awards system in the world (The ENnies), and EN Publishing, a leading RPG e-publishing branch.

The date for the publishing of the first instalment is Monday 16th November.

If you can help spread the word I’d be be grateful, whether it be by passing on the press release (feel free to copy and paste it) to blogs or forums, by linking to this post, or by twittering about it. The whole point of doing this is to get the book out there, so any help will be gratefully received.


  1. Craig

    I’m actually quite interested in the ebook itself. I’m visually impaired, and thus can’t read print materials but if the ebook is in PDF with text underneath I can use my specialist software to read it out loud through speech synthesis. I hope that you will sooner or later announce the ebook purchase site since I’d rather have it all in one chunk.

    Incidentally your audio captia works quite well, clear to hear and short enough not to be a big burden. Thanks for configuring that.

    • Jonny Nexus

      Hi Craig,

      Firstly, it’s good that the captia works okay. I have to confess that while I did make sure to choose one that had an audio option, I didn’t get round to testing it out (I was in a real hurry at the time as I being hit by a serious spam attack).

      And really, it’s whoever programmed the plugin who deserves the credit. It’s cool that the option was available to me, because if it hadn’t, I would probably have had to go for a system with no audio version – such was the quantity and the sick nature of the spam I was being subjected to.

      Anyhow, I’m very glad it worked okay for you.

      As for the ebook version of Game Night, it should be available at the same time as the start of the EN World project, i.e. 16th November.

      It will be available from http://fantasy.drivethrustuff.com/ in PDF and ePub formats.

      The only thing I’m slightly worried about is how well your screen reader will cope with the alternating nature of the narrative. The narrative is split between the gods, in heaven, and the mortals down below. And it often flips rapidly between them, in much the same was as the players in a roleplaying game often flip in and out of character.

      I used different fonts and margins to distinguish between the two, and without that, I’m not sure it makes much sense. (When doing readings I’ve resorted to switching from one side of the lectern to the other when switching “modes”).

      Before you do buy anything, I’d suggest you try aiming your screen reader at the PDF preview to see how you go with that.


      If you have any thoughts about how I could make the PDF more accessible to people such as yourself using screen readers then please let me know (either things that I could put in the standard PDF, or things I could put in a special version of the PDF – like different colours, say, or italics, or something like that).

  2. LBH

    Nice Jonny, but I still want a print copy off you at Dragonmeet for my GM 🙂


    • Jonny Nexus

      Oh the print copies are still there and begging to be sold!


  3. Jonny

    Just a test, since this was apparently not working this afternoon…

    • Jonny

      Excellent! Back up!

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