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I Will Be A Guest At Dragonmeet

Next Saturday (December 28th) the tenth Dragonmeet will take place at its regular venue of Kensington Town Hall. And I’m pretty proud that I will be one of the convention’s guests.

To be an official guest at a convention is quite an honour, and one that I haven’t previously had. I’ve been a trader, and had the privilege of walking around a convention with a different coloured badge. But as I said to my wife last night, the special status afforded traders at a convention is ultimately an honour that you’ve purchased. Whereas you cannot purchase the honour of being a guest; this is an honour one has to blag.

As part of my guest duties, I’ll be appearing at a panel discussing the influence of roleplaying games upon writing, alongside fellow guests and authors Mark Barrowcliffe (author of “The Elfish Gene”), David Devereux, Stephen Deas.

And apparently all of the authors (including me) will be doing signing/sales sessions at a table by the stage, next to the artists. So if you want to pick up a signed copy of Game Night, this will be your chance.


  1. Simon Proctor

    Ummmm do you mean the 28th of November?

  2. LBH

    When’s the signing session, save me having to hunt you down for the copy I want from you?


  3. Wisdom000


    My name is Deric Bernier, I run Datafortress 2020 and I am creating the
    largest archive of Cyberpunk 2020 material on the net, and I would like
    your permission to include Cyberpunk 2020 materials you have created in
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    Thank you,
    Deric “Wisdom000” Bernier

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