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Three Minute Chocolate Cake

How cool would it be if you had some mates around (possibly after the consumption of some alcohol), and you asked them if they fancied some pudding, and less than ten minutes later you returned with some delicious chocolate sponge pudding cooked there and then from scratch? It would be cool right? Well it’s possible, and as of last Saturday, I know just how to do it.

Three minute cake

Last Saturday, we went to the Brighton Eco-Veggie Fayre. It was a good event, although if I was to be pedantic I’d say it would have been more accurately described as the Hove Vegan Festival, given that it was: a) in Hove; and b) vegan (all food and products on sale had to be “100% plant based”).

One of the rooms was dedicated to cookery demonstrations. We went to a couple, the best of which was by a good friend of ours Tony Bishop-Weston, writer of many good vegan cook books.

Tony demonstrated a couple of simple recipes, but the one that really caught my eye was for what he described as three-minute cake, which could be prepared in less than three minutes (when we did it, it probably took us more like five minutes because we were bickering over the ingredients), with just a few minutes more to cook.

Anyhow, here’s what you do:

– Add one mug of self-raising flour to a bowl.

– Add half a mug of oil (we used sunflower, Tony used red palm oil) to the bowl.

– Add half a mug of milk (we and Tony were using soya, but I guess cows milk would work too) to the bowl.

– Add a few teaspoonfuls of hot chocolate powder to the bowl.

– Add a few teaspoonfuls of sugar to the bowl.

– Mix. (We used a blender). It should be a slightly thick dough. We actually added a bit more milk and oil at this point, but then again, I think I’d put in a slightly heaped mugful of flour, so it might have been down to that.

– Pour into mugs, leaving plenty of room for it to rise. We put it into three mugs.

– Cook all the mugs in the microwave until you can put a knife in and it comes out clean. I did three minutes and then another two, and it was fine.

We topped them off with soya cream and ate two of them hot, with them tasting just like sponge pudding. I ate the third cold later that evening, and it was still delicious, but now just tasting like a chocolate sponge. You can see the result at the top of the page.

Try it. It really does work. And if you’re interested in more of Tony’s recipes, I’ve put some links to his books below:

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking: Everything You Need to Know About Going Vegan, from Choosing Ingredients to Advice on Health and Nutrition

Vegan Cookbook: Over 90 Mouthwatering Recipes for All Occasions

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