People seemed to quite like my Eastercon report, so I figured I’d post some links to previous gaming convention reports I’d done for my roleplaying webzine Critical Miss, just in case anyone was interested. Here they are:

* * * * *

Gaelcon… Probably The Greatest Convention In The World

While shopping at GenCon we bumped into some of the guys behind Gaelcon, Ireland’s biggest convention, and they suggested we come on over. Demonic and Bubba couldn’t make it. But me, Bog Boy, Mark and Evil G. took up their offer. And it was good. It was very, very good.

* * * * *

Dragonmeet… A Pretty Good Convention

A few of us volunteered to be gophers at Dragonmeet, which is probably the best convention in the UK. It was pretty interesting, allowing us the opportunity to see the other side of a convention, and we still managed to have a few laughs.

* * * * *

Warpcon 2005

Warpcon 2004 had been an all time low for me, due to a cough that started bad and turned painful, and was notable only for the disappearance of the signed/annotated Slayers Guide to Games Masters that I’d created for the charity auction. Since then, the Slayers Guide had been found, lost, and requested again. Unsuccessfully. I’m still looking for the bastard.

But I did have a good time at Warpcon 2005. Full story with pics here.

Note:- In true Dukes of Hazzard, fifth season, post failed contract negotiations style, this exiting issue of Critical Miss features an entirely new cast of characters: RPGActionFigure, BoxNinja, TimeForTea, Janet and UbiquitousCat – collecively known as the CGS guys. But don’t worry, we’re not jumping the shark, honest. It’s just that none of the other miserable bastards wanted to come. (Stu was poor, Bog Boy was busy, and Mark had apparently acquired a life).

* * * * *

Conpulsion 2005

Me and Bubba headed off to Edinburgh’s Conception 2005 hoping to have a good time.

We had a great time.

And after returning home alive I wrote the mother of all con reports. Hope you like it.

* * * * *

QCon 2004

I’d decided to go to QCon because I wanted to do something mad, and even though my friends thought only of what they might be left in my will I stayed resolute, despite the occasional wobble.

But in the end I went, and had a time that was both good and interesting. This is the story.