We’re still in Egypt, and still making slow, slow progress. A load of good quotes of which I can only remember two.

Following from John’s simplifying of a plan I’d had to persuade certain people to give us information (give them a good time and if that doesn’t work, blackmail them):

Me: Hang on a minute! You’ve taken my idea of a wild bacchanalian orgy of alcohol and prostitutes and downgraded it to a talk at the university?

John: It’s cheaper.

And an exchange caused by my desire to have one of those black-light things that shows up hidden stains but won’t be invented for another sixty years or so (it’s currently 1926):

John: Why do you want that?

Me: To see if they left any blood stains behind.

John: But we’ll be able to see blood stains.

Me: Not if they cleaned them.

John: Oh I see! We’re not just dealing with mad, psychotic, occult-worshipping cultists! We’re dealing with mad, psychotic, occult-worshipping cultists with OCD!