Well having listed in the previous post all the German that I’d learned, I have of course spent the afternoon remembering things.

Firstly, “Wo ist?”, which I think means “Where is?”. Something is, anyway. I remember that one because of an incident that happened in my third year of German. A friend of mine was asked by the teacher to read a line of German from a worksheet or something.

He started off with “Wo ist…” as in “Woe ist” not “Voe ist”. (“W” in German is pronounced as “V”).

I remember thinking that even with the standard of teaching we were getting, it took some talent to get more than two years into learning Germany and still not know how to pronounce the letter W.

Other dirty stop-outs slinking in late with embarrassed looks are:

Du = you (unless you’re being formal, in which case it’s sie).

Mon (mun?) = one

I should know he and she, but they seem to have gone.

Danke = thank you

Bitte = please

Not that knowing the latter’s particularly impressive. You ought to know that much German just from watching war films (“passporten bitte!”), just as you learn the French word for Norway from watching the Eurovision Song Contest. (“Norveg, nul pwa, Norway, nil points”).

There are obviously some things I’ve forgotten, but there aren’t many. I’m pretty sure that at best, I knew only a few handfuls of words.