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James Wallis’s Cop Show… Doing Star Trek

I had an email from John this morning, filling me in on something that came up at last week’s meeting (which I missed due to be at the Discworld convention). They were talking about James Wallis’s (@jameswallis) unpublished game Cop Show, which he was kind enough to let me try out on the guys three years back. I wrote that up on my then blog:

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One of the coolest aspects of Cop Show is the method of character creation, which is designed to create the classic miss-matched pairs of cops you see in film and TV. Each player takes it in turn to say something that their character is good or cool at; the person to their left is then bad/uncool at that. So it might go something like:

Player One: I’m really good at driving cars.

Player Two: Okay, I can’t drive. But I’m good with guns.

Player Three: Right. So I can’t shoot for shit. But I’m good at charming people.

You go round the circle three times, at the end of which each character has three positive aspects and three negative aspects. Of course, with most roleplayers it typically goes like:

Player One: I’m an incredibly fluent and charismatic speaker who can speak dozens of languages!

Player Two: Oh great, what am I supposed to be then, mute? Well maybe I’ve got absolutely incredible eyesight!

Player Three: Thanks. I always wanted to play a blind guy. Oh well, maybe I’ve got incredible hearing in return.

Player One: So I’m deaf?

I seem to recall that in the rules, James comes up with a couple of brilliant jokes along the lines of Ironside clearly having been screwed during character creation and Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased being an example of what happens when one player picks “I’m alive!” as an aspect.

Anyhow, it apparently occurred to John and the guys that the makeup of the character’s in the Original Series Star Trek could be easily explained had this sort of character creation been followed. I thought it was so good I asked John if he’d mind me putting it up on the blog, and he very kindly said yes.

Apparently, he had consumed quite a few squares of Green & Black’s Expresso chocolate when this idea was conceived…

The Captain: [smarmy smile] I’m the Captain. I’m charming, friendly and get on well with everyone I meet, especially the ladies (wink, wink).

The Scientist: [groans as he realises the other player has just shafted him] So I’m not charming, not friendly and don’t get on well with people, especially not with the ladies. But I’m a great scientist, sober, precise and know what I’m talking about.

The Engineer: So I’m never sober, my estimates are way off, and I don’t know I’m talking about. But that’s okay, I’m not a scientist, I’m an engineer. I can fix the engines and build things.

The Doctor: [In character already] Damn it, I’m a doctor not a brick-layer. But remember that what I do keeps the crew alive.

The Captain: Erm.. Does that mean that what I do results in a lot of the crew dying?

The GM weeps.


  1. John Breakwell

    That is a pretty awesome character creation idea.

    • Jonny Nexus

      Yeah, it is rather cool.

  2. James Wallis

    Which John?

    • Jonny Nexus

      John who’s in my Monday night gaming group (previously the Tuesday night group, previously the Sunday afternoon group). Not sure if you’ve met him. Dark brown hair, wears glasses. You might have met him at Dragonmeet.

  3. Weaponofchoice

    This is a really neat idea. Are you planning to throw it to the hyenas of rpg.net to discuss, or do you mind if I do instead?

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