An Open Letter To The “Intelligent Designer”

Dear God,

I should perhaps being this letter by admitting that I am myself an atheist who believes the process of evolution as explained by Darwin et al to be the the cause of life on Earth. However, I do accept that there are many people who believe that the human body is the result […]

My Thoughts On The Cllr Compton / Alibhai-Brown Twitter Joke Controversy

A Tory councillor has been arrested over claims he suggested on Twitter that Yasmin Alibai-Brown, a female newspaper columnist, should be stoned to death.

You’ve probably read this in the news. If not, you can read about it on the above link, or here, here, or here.

But basically, a Conservative councillor, Gareth Compton, was […]

Testing, Testing, One Two Three

Have updated WordPress iPhone app to latest version, and the question is, can it handle apostophes, in words like can’t, don’t, won’t and isn’t? I’m writing this piece with them.

So if they’re not there it’s because it’s stripped them out.

Here goes…

What’s This We, Kemosabe?

There’s a lot of talk now about the coalition government move to raise the cap on university tuition fees. For what’s it’s worth, I don’t know what the solution to university funding is, although I do feel that the emphasis on getting 50% of the population to go to a university simply to do a […]