We’re still playing Spirit of the Century, but John has now stepped in to take a turn in the GM’s chair.

Moment of the Night: One

We were in a room at a museum, talking to an woman who wanted to hire Addison Grey, TAFKAC’s “I see dead people” private eye, to find an item (the Sioux chief Crazy Horse’s war-shirt) that had been stolen by a bunch of Red Indians on motorbikes. With Addison were Lord Edward Silver, my gorilla with a man’s brain, and Quintilious Drummond, General T’s Mountie character.

At some point we got:

Quintilious: [Says something that’s perhaps a little daft]

Addison: [Pointing at him] He’s Canadian.

Me: [Out of character] Sorry, is he wearing a full Mountie’s uniform?

John: Yes.

Me: So let me get this straight. You’ve just pointed at a bloke wearing a full Mountie’s uniform and said: “He’s Canadian”?


Me: Just seemed a bit of a “no shit?” job…

I don’t know why I found that funny. I think just the mental image of someone pointing at a guy wearing a full Mountie uniform (brown hat, red jacket, black jodhpurs) and pointing out that he was Canadian.

Moment of the Night: Two

A little later, we were discussing how we might search for the Red Indians (yes, I know “Native Americans” is the term used nowadays, but this is supposed to be 1920s pulp), and someone (can’t remember who) suggested that a lot of them work in construction, especially in skyscrapers. Suggestions were being made that we could go and talk to Indians working in construction, in the various skyscrapers that were starting to be built around this time, to see if any of them might know about the blokes (presumably Sioux) who had stolen Crazy Horse’s war-shirt.

Me: No, that’s not all Red Indians. It’s just one tribe, Mohawks I think, on account of them not being scared of heights. [As it happens, I was right! Yeh me!]

John: Is it?

Me: I think so.

John: Well if you spend a FATE point, you can make it be so. [SotC has a system where you can spend points to “declare” certain facts about the setting].

Me: Right. [Thinks].

John: Do you want to spent a FATE point to make it so that it’s only Mohawks work in construction?

Me: Will that screw things up?

John: Not really. It will just change things a bit.

Me: Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll spend a FATE point to make it so that it’s only Mohawks who work in construction.

There then followed a bit of discussion about where we could go to talk to Mohawk construction workers, which ended with us visiting the Chrysler building, which we decided would – in our game – be under construction during this mid-1920s point. We climbed all the way up and had a long, rambling conversation with some Mohawk construction workers who had absolutely no idea why anyone, Indian or otherwise, might want to steal a Sioux chief’s war shirt.

Note: Mohawks come from upper New York state. The Sioux are from about two thousand miles to the west.

At which point…

Me: Hang on a minute. Did I just spend a FATE point to make it so that we couldn’t find anything out by talking to Indian construction workers?

John: Yes.

Oh well. Next week, South Dakota.