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Signing Response Mail: Too Self-Depreciating?

I received today an email from one of the Illustrious (Eastercon 2011) organisers saying that my name has been given to her as an author attending the con, and asking if I would like to attend any or all of their three author signing sessions.

Here’s the reply I’ve just sent to her:

Hi Meg,

Thanks very much for this. I would be interested in doing a signing, but given the crushing disappointment to my ego a signing usually involves, I think it would be best to restrict it to just the one session.

If possible, could I have the final session on Monday at noon? That gives me the maximum possible time to get to know people in the bar on the previous evenings and then silently guilt trip them into buying my book if they’re unwise enough to walk past the signing table and catch my eye. (I’m not joking. That was how I made my one and only sale last year at Odyssey. Poor Rob. I think he was only trying to get to the art show.)



What do you think? Too self-depreciating? Or just honest and realistic?


  1. DungeonMasterLoki

    I think you’ve got the best combo of honesty and humor there. Far better response than many I’ve seen.

  2. Jane sarcastic Nicholson

    Not at all. Why, you haven’t even provided the legal basis for the depreciation.

    What is the rate for authors these days? 1.5% p.a?

  3. Regis

    There are two opposite trends:

    1- you’re an author. You wouldn’t be one if you didn’t do any signing among your peers

    2- obviously, since staying idle at a signing is a waste of time, energy, and enthousiasm, doing the three signings sessions is too much.

    Hence, attending one session is a good compromise!

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