An Interesting Benefit Of Having A Paper Version

At some point in the future, I’m going to write a post explaining the steps I had to follow to get my novel Game Night available on Amazon’s Kindle platform. (It was already available in the traditional “paper” format). But did just want to mention something that I realised / noticed today.

When you publish […]

Game Night on Kindle – How You Can Help Me

My novel Game Night is now out on the Kindle, priced at what I’d consider to be a bargain launch price of just 99c (or 70p in the UK). I’m not sure what to expect or hope of this. It might prove to be a runaway success, going viral in the way that the paper […]

Game Night on Kindle: It’s Here!

I tweeted about this early this morning, but my novel Game Night is now available on the Kindle for a time-limited launch price of 99c in the US and 70p in the UK. Here’s where you can find it:



As part of his I’ve done a press release, reproduced below. Please […]

Copyright: Should Is Not Is

There’s something that annoys me about the behaviour of some (not all!) of the anti-copyright rent-a-mob found in many corners of the Internet that I can best explain through analogy.

Imagine you have a man who thinks that motorways (freeways) should have no speed limit, as used to be the case in the UK until […]

On Lies To Children

There are many things that annoy me, but one of them is when people tell lies to children. I don’t mean actual, “Of course Uncle Gary isn’t your daddy!” type lies. I’m talking about lazy, false, over- simplified and dumbed-down answers given in response to a child’s curiosity about the world. I think children are […]

Game Night – Coming Soon On Kindle At Special Launch Offer Price

I’m very pleased to announce that after getting various issues out of the way, my ENnie nominated fantasy humour novel Game Night will be arriving on the Kindle within a couple of weeks. It will be available not only for the standard Kindle, but for Kindle on Android, iPhone and iPad also.

A ten-thousand-year […]