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Game Night – Coming Soon On Kindle At Special Launch Offer Price

I’m very pleased to announce that after getting various issues out of the way, my ENnie nominated fantasy humour novel Game Night will be arriving on the Kindle within a couple of weeks. It will be available not only for the standard Kindle, but for Kindle on Android, iPhone and iPad also.

Game Night front cover A ten-thousand-year quest is about to be completed. Prophecies will be fulfilled, ancient riddles answered, legendary evils bested, and the nature of the universe revealed. All that’s needed is a band of mighty heroes to do the completing.

Unfortunately for the locals, some of the gods have taken a personal interest in the chronicle of these heroes’ adventures. Now they are each guiding one of the characters towards the conclusion of their epic journey. That is, when they’re not squabbling, backstabbing each other, blowing things up by accident, refusing to play by the rules, and turning the AllFather’s creation into a mess of petty arguments, fantasy cliché, gratuitous combat and unnecessary dice-rolls.

If you thought your games group couldn’t be any worse, Game Night shows just how bad things can get when a bunch of unruly deities decide they want to play. And may the heavens help us all.

“The best novel ever written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about anything.” —RPGNet review (rating 5/5) by Steve Darlington

But wait, there’s more!

Sorry, appear to be channelling the inner QVC I wasn’t aware I had.

But there is more. While I’m not necessarily aiming for world domination, it’s important to me that Game Night does well. Not just on a personal level, but because I need something to show agents and publishers that, contrary to what they might think, there is actually a market for humour fantasy/SF, and that just maybe I’m someone who can write it. So far, it’s done okay in terms of sales (probably around 1800 copies sold so far), and very well in terms of how well people liked it. But it seems I need more if I want it to be something that causes agents to sniff at my door.

So the second bit of news is that Game Night will launch on the Kindle at a special launch price of 99 cents (and a similar amount in the UK). Yes, that’s $0.99. This isn’t what I think my novel is worth – I think it’s worth a lot more. But it is an amount that I’m hoping will provoke curiosity, interest, and those all-import re-tweets.

At some point the price will go up to what I think the novel is worth (I haven’t yet determined what that is, but I know it’s more than the price of a small bottle of cola). So if you’ve got access to a Kindle device or app, and you haven’t yet read Game Night then I’d suggest you buy it when you can.

Actually, you know what? I’d just ask you to buy it.

And if you have another device, I will be trying to get Game Night out in other formats just as soon as I get this out of the way.


  1. Dave Morris

    Hope it does well and frightens all the old trad publishers 🙂 But I don’t know if you need to go as low as 99c. Doesn’t the Kindle Store automatically create a free sample of the first – how much? a chapter or two? Enough for people to know if they want to read on, anyway. I’m just wary that once you set a price that low, it’s hard to increase it later.

    • Jonny Nexus

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      I know what you’re saying about the price, but I will make it very clear that this is a special launch offer, of the “get a bargain now before the price goes up” type.

      I was concerned about pricing it low, but I’ve talked with a few people (with backgrounds in publishing), and the general consensus is that the benefits of “going low” outweigh the disadvantages, especially when done in the context of a special offer.

      On the subject of the free sampler, yes, I will try to do that.

      But I think the thing to bear in mind about the special launch offer is that it is less about persuading people to buy it, and more about persuading people to pass on the news of its availability via Twitter, Facebook and so on. Asking people to post about the mere availability of something to purchase is quite an ask. But I think asking them to post about a special offer, something which will help their followers get a bargain, is a much more compelling request.

      Well that’s the hope, anyhow! 🙂

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