Well this is a bit of a train-spotting post, but it’s interesting to me because Farringdon is the station I commute to and from.

For a couple of years now, a new extension to the station has been under construction, intended to lengthen the Thameslink platforms to take 12 carriage trains. Construction projects sometimes seem to reach their finish with bewildering rapidity, and this one was no exception. It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed to be just a big hole in the ground. And when I was last in work, a week and a bit ago, I’m sure it was still at that “concrete shell” stage.

Then this morning, my train drew to a halt… in a different station from the one I’ve always got off at. No more cramped Victorian brick structure, hello sleek and cavernous white underground space.

I went back at lunchtime and took some pictures (click on them to get larger versions).

There’s a huge white entrance, opposite the existing entrance (which is currently closed while they complete the rebuilding work, but which will then also still be in use).

And that leads to a huge concourse area:

And you then go down to some nice open platform areas, much roomier than the rest of the station:

These are just the platform extensions. You can go back to the original platform area (which is still in use for 8 of the 12 carriages) by walking under what was once the bridge at the end of the station (this is also how you get to the Underground platforms for the Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines):

Finally, they’ve put up a nice couple of posters showing the “before” picture, and the “where they are now” picture:

People are often very cynical about modern things, but I think this is a really nice development. And of course, when Crossrail is completed, Farringdon’s going to be very well connected.