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Yes, It Has Been A Bit Quiet Here

I’d never claim that this is a regularly updated blog; in the era of Twitter and Facebook, I’m not sure that such a thing is necessarily a worthwhile aspiration let alone endeavor. However, it has always been my intention to use it as a place to post those occasional thoughts, ideas and announcements for whom 140 characters really can’t cut it, and it has generally been my assumption that such occasional happenings would occur on at least a monthly, if not weekly, basis.

However, it’s now 19th February 2012 and I haven’t posted since last December. So much for assumptions.

Anyhow, the mundane truth is that I’m currently bashing away on a novel, which is taking up pretty all of my writing time. Hopefully, I will at some point post something else here, but in the meantime, at least my last post isn’t from 2011.


  1. Rappar

    yes I assumed you were writing “Game Night II: Game Master changes” 😉
    That’s a good excuse for me. And the more you work on your novel, the better. And I recently re-read good old “Say What” in S&P#12, so I can keep my dose! 🙂

    • Jonny Nexus

      I do actually have a (very) vague idea for a Game Night sequel, as it happens!

      I might post a bit more sometime about this new series of novels, but for the moment I’m just working away on it. And glad you liked the S&P article!

  2. Rappar

    And would you not agree, good sir, that this time and place seem appropriate for a good ol’ tease on the subject of your next masterpiece work of Art, and leak us more than “time travel humour”? 🙂

    • Jonny Nexus

      It’s always a good time and place to tease me on the subject of my next masterpiece. 🙂

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