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It Is Done!

After spending the last three months on the biggest purple patch of my writing life, I now have a complete first draft of the current novel in progress. This morning, at about 7:30 as the train was somewhere around the Three Bridges area, I got to type the words “THE END”.

It was rather cool.

85,182 words, which is about 75,000 more than I had when I resumed work on the novel after Christmas. And yes, it has already been pointed out to me that while Scrivener records number of words and number of characters, it singularly fails to record the number of Costa Coffee points incurred during the writing process. (Probably in excess of 1500).

You can’t have everything.


  1. Rappar

    Congratulations! you’re a true warr… writer now! Your first opus wasn’t an accident. 😉



    • Jonny Nexus

      Thank you. I don’t really want to talk too much about it at this point, but it’s intended to be broadly non-genre (i.e. not science fiction or fantasy) but with a few elements of weirdness, and it’s an offbeat mystery story about a paranormal investigator.

  2. Henry

    Congratulations! Now all you need to worry about is all that pesky editing and publishing stuff.

    When will we see it for sale?

    • Jonny Nexus

      Well, whereas Game Night was a speciality book published by a small gaming press, I’m hoping to be able to go the more conventional route with this one, meaning agent and then publisher. Which will take quite a bit of time, even after I’ve done a good few more drafts.

      My new, purely personal, target is to have it out by Eastercon 2014 (Satellite 4) in Glasgow.

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