Jonnycon1-Tw5It’s now twenty-four hours since Jonnycon I, the convention-themed launch party for my new novel If Pigs Could Fly, and while the smile has left my face, I am still very happy with how it went. It was a good night, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Drinks were drunk, nibbles were nibbled, friendships were made and renewed.

If the purpose of a launch party is to help the novel take flight, Jonnycon did that. Alternatively, if the purpose is just to reassure the nervous author that maybe, just maybe, he’s written a half-decent novel, then it did that too. Everyone seemed genuinely thrilled to be a part of the launch, and to be genuinely looking forward to reading the book. And when we decamped to the Iron Duke’s Theatre room for a reading, there were quite a few laughs, and since they were in all the right places, I’m pretty confident they were laughing with me, not at me.

Jonnycon1-Tw7I’d like to say a very big and sincere thank you to everyone who came (especially those who came from far, Somerset, and further, Dublin), to my wonderful mother-in-law Jean for helping prepare the food, and finally to my wife Jules for being at my side throughout this whole process.

Jules was a little late arriving because she had to put our daughter to bed first; for me, the event only really started when she arrived.

And finally, I should also say a particular thank you to Ian and Leigh-Ann for helping us set up, and then running the “Registration Desk”.


So thank you everyone.

And lastly, it’s been lovely to see people talking about the event on Twitter. I’m not saying it was trending, but I’d like to think it made a little splash: