Any of you who’ve previously visited might notice that my website now looks very different, as I’ve changed both the core theme (I’m now using Hemingway) and the header image. The old website was getting on four ten years old, I think, and its look and feel was starting to appear a little “fussy”. I think this is a sign of how trends have changed; think how “flat” the current version of iOS looks, for example, compared with its predecessor of ten years ago. Back then, we expected a website to look like a website. Now we expect it to look like a magazine, which is ironic that we don’t read magazine so much nowadays.

But actually, the main driver behind upgrading it was that my old theme didn’t support mobile devices. So if you navigated to one of my posts on your mobile, which – lets face it – is going to be the case in about 90% of occasions, you were greeted with a desktop website shoehorned onto your tiny screen. Yeah, you could read the article, if you turned your phone sideways and perhaps just zoomed in a bit. But it’s not the best introduction a visitor might have to one of my posts.

The new header image is probably temporary. I might replace it at some point with cover images of my novels. But for now, it’s my favourite selfie of me writing, in a 34th floor bar of a hotel in Istanbul, during some evening downtime while on trip for work.