Hi all,

This isn’t the post that ends the “Great Jonny Nexus Blog Rethink of 2009”. Think of it more as a John the Baptist to that post’s Jesus. I’m still thinking about what sort of things I want to blog about. But since I’ve now got Live Journal to switch the feed from the Blogger blog I was planning on doing to the WordPress blog I’ve ended up doing, and as a result you’ve all received a bunch of test messages, I figured I ought to post something.

Following MatGB’s advice, I’ve switched to WordPress. I’m very impressed with this software. It feels solid, it’s easy to work with, and has a killer feature that’s pretty much made it for me – as well as the blog page itself, you can create “static” pages, thus allowing you to use WordPress to build your entire site, and not just the blog.

If you go to http://www.jonnynexus.com you’ll see what I mean.

I haven’t done any work on the look and feel as yet, so it’s all very drab, but I’ve got most of my initial content in, so it’s a working site. I’ll try and jazz it up a bit over the weekend. (It has themes that you can then customise).

I only created the site two days ago, but I already have my first comments, which was another factor behind me breaking cover with this post. One was from MatGB himself, who I guess was signed up to the feed. The other was a spammer, whose entire post (hyperlinks removed) consisted of the following:

eKZjq5 fsxpgtzcsjyp, vyvrwynwbiuz, oamedffhplck,

I’m genuinely not quite sure what he was trying to say, and rather horrifed that it only took two days for this blog to be picked up by spambots. What is nice though is that the WordPress software must have some kind of anti-spam protection built in, because while most posts go straight through, this one was detected as potential spam and held back for moderation. (I got an email alerting me about it).

It’s a strange world.