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"The best novel ever written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about anything." [Link]
Steve Darlington, RPGNet (Style 5 / Substance 5)

"A laugh riot... the writing is top-notch, the story is hilarious and the book is very reasonably priced." [Link]
Teflon Billy, ENWorld Staff Reviewer ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)

"Game Night, the debut novel by Jonny Nexus, is a work of absolute genius, and is definately ranked as one of the most fun and enjoyable books I've read in a long time, and in my opinion is at least as witty as the likes of Terry Pratchett. " [Link]
Amazon.co.uk ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)

"It's clear that Mr Nexus is a talented writer and hopefully there will be more to come, I await it eagerly." [Link]
Amazon.co.uk ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)

"One of the funniest reads this year." [Link]
Amazon.com ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)

"Reviews of this book have claimed that it has an air of Discworld about it. I'd agree with that, especially Pratchett's early work; its plot is similarly chaotic and the comedic style is similar." [Link]
Amazon.com ☆☆☆☆ (4 stars)

"Anyone who has gamed for more than 30 seconds will recognize the gamer archetypes displayed in "Game Night" (And if you don't, you're either extremely lucky or in denial). Nexus has turned these archetypes into TRUE archetypes - as in gods - as you watch them blunder and argue through a gaming session. " [Link]
Amazon.com ☆☆☆☆ (4 stars)

"In summary, if you find the first chapter funny, and you liked Critical Miss, buy Game Night. You will almost certainly laugh out loud, many times, and there are a few thought-provoking points made by Nexus too." [Link]
RPGNet (Style 3 / Substance 4)

"Overall Game Night is a fine story of high adventure roleplaying wrapped inside a funny and satirical look at roleplaying itself." [Link]
RPGNet (Style 4 / Substance 3)

"...the story is very good (and original), the characters grow on you, especially as the book progresses, the universe is interesting, the ending is superb and I will probably buy any follow-up book that might be published." [Link]
Amazon.co.uk ☆☆☆ (3 stars)

"I thought that this was a good book; not too complex, but with an interesting plot and some very funny comic sequences." [Link]
Amazon.com ☆☆☆ (3 stars)

"A worthy first effort from Jonny Nexus and I hope he's inspired to produce some more as I enjoyed it despite it falling into a genre that I read very little of. " [Link]
Wassail Games Club (7/10)

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The Tome (from start)

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Everybody Lies (several minutes in)


"A Pratchet-esque debut novel of gods, roleplaying, and game-night kerfuffles ... Buy Game Night. It's a fun, fresh, irreverent read that'll ring true to any gamer even if, unlike the protagonists, you happen not to be a god." [Link]
John Kovalic, Writer & Artist (Dork Tower)

"Do yourself a favor and pick up the book. It's a fast read (I read it in about 2 good, long sessions) and very funny." [Link]
Rodney Thompson, Designer for Wizards of the Coast's RPG R&D division

"Game Night had me cackling from first page to last at the inept adventurers and the all-too-familiar players controlling them. Spare a thought for the GM too, potions and magic rings will never be viewed the same way again." [Link]
Gregor Hutton, author of Best Friends

"This is the best work of gaming fiction I have ever read." [Link]
Crothian, ENWorld Forums

"When I read "Game Night" I kept snickering and laughing out loud. So much so that my husband was nipping at the bit to have a go at your novel. When he did, he laughed out loud even more than I... and at one point he was laughing so hard he was crying, literally tears streaming down his face, gasping for air."[Link]
From part one of an interview at JoyGirl's World

"Game Night is on my top 5 books of all time, and that list includes such celebs as Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Jonny Nexus is hilarious!" [Link]
Comment on part three of an interview at JoyGirl's World

"I issued more laughs from reading Game Night than I do from an average Pratchett novel... Clash of The Titans meets Discworld, neatly blended with a little Red Dwarfism." [Link]
Sin, Critical Miss Forums

"Have to say, just finished reading it and enjoyed it immensely – shades of far too many games I've GM'd waving from the background..." [Link]
Luddism (blogger)

"I loved the book. As usual, your sense of humor was spot on." [Link]
Herald, Critical Miss Forums

"So many archetypical player behaviors are shown; it's a real laugh for anyone who has ever run a game ... I chuckled fairly often, laughed now and again, and once went into a fit of laughter for several minutes ending in a coughing jag. I call that a winner." [Link]
Mycroftca (blogger)

"Start with a generous helping of Terry Prachett, add a dash of Douglas Adams, a pinch of Christopher Moore and season heavily with Dead GentlemenŐs Gamers. This is one of those few books that I actually laughed out loud when I read it. All in all, it's a fun look at life around the gaming table through the eyes of a group of slightly dysfunctional gods." [Link]
The Geek Life Project

"I have to say I haven't had such a good laugh reading a book in a long time." [Link]
Confess '08 Website

"I can highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good giggle and a well written tale." [Link]
Entorien (Blogger)

"While this is supposed to be a parody of role playing games, this scene was entirely too familiar from my past. Humor that hits close to home is some of the best! If you like the work of Pratchett, Foglio, Asprin, or DeChancie then this book is for you." [Link]
The Library (Blog)

"Jonny Nexus spins an extremely funny but not so outrageous tale of a dysfunctional roleplaying group. Game Night is a story about us, the gamers, and all the crazy things we do roleplaying. And highlighting that, its going to make you laugh." [Link]
Purple Pawn

"It truly is a fun read; I have recommended it to all of my friends who game. He gets to the story, gets to the fun, and keeps the gas pedal buried throughout." [Link]
doogs19, ENWorld Forums

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