I read an article in Metro today saying that Gordon Brown’s later book wasn’t doing too well sales-wise:

Meanwhile, sales of Gordon Brown’s latest book have flopped in the four months since it was released, leaving thousands of copies in bookstore bargain bins.

The former prime minister’s speeches collection, Change We Choose, is ranked number 262,956 on Amazon’s bestsellers list.

Now I don’t often check my (well, Game Night’s) Amazon.co.uk rating – it’s the .com rating that I’m addicted to checking. (Yes, there is an app for that). But that Metro piece got me thinking on what my rating might currently be. Could it be higher? Yes it could. My book, published nearly three years ago, is currently outselling Gordon’s on Amazon.co.uk:

And it’s got higher review ratings, too.

And if you’re thinking that being published a long time ago should give me an advantage, because I’ve had more time to sell books – it doesn’t work that way. The Amazon ranking is updated every two hours, and is very heavily weighted to the most recent sales figures. What happened more than a few weeks ago has almost no relevance. So a book that’s hot and new should easily outsell a book that’s had its day.

Anyhow, it’s quite cool, although admittedly in a rather childish way.