To KDP Select, Or Not To KDP Select… That Is The Awful Moral Choice

Below emphases in all quotes, mine:

What is KDP Select?

KDP Select is an optional program for you to reach even more readers and gives you the opportunity to earn more money. If you choose to make a book exclusive to the Kindle Store, which is a requirement during your book’s enrollment in KDP Select, […]

On Amazon Pricing Policies

When publishing a book, one of the big questions you have to ask yourself is: how much am I going to charge for it? And in an era where you will have two versions, a physical paper version and an electronic e-reading version, of which the latter is probably the most important product, this is […]

Amazon Author Pages

I’ve just discovered a rather cool new feature that Amazon have introduced: Author Pages.

Basically, it’s a page for each author which can customised with the author’s picture and a biography. You can get to the author’s page by simply typing the author’s name into the search box. The author page should then appear as […]