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Blog Tour: Update

On Monday, the first free weekly instalment of Game Night will be published on ENWorld, and as I announced a couple of days ago, I’m going to be doing a blog tour to publicise this event.

Well as of now, I currently have six bloggers/sites signed up to host a stop on the tour. (And while I’m here, thanks very much to those guys!). Six is enough, but there’s still room for a few more.

So if any of you think you might fancy hosting a stop, please drop me a line at jonny (at) jonnynexus dot com.

(For details on what hosting a stop involves, just click on the latter of the links above).


Blog Tour: Anyone Fancy Hosting Me?

Hi all,

It’s now less than a week to go to the launch of the free weekly serialisation of Game Night on EN World and the launch of the ebook version of Game Night (which will be in PDF initially with other formats to follow later).

(Details of the free weekly serialisation and the ebook release).

Obviously, I’ll be doing a lot of work contacting people to try and get the word out there. But it’s occurred to me (a little late, perhaps!) that doing a blog tour might be both productive and fun.

What’s a blog tour? Well I’m not sure that there’s any hard and fast definition, although the above link has lots of good information, but my thoughts are as follows.

Basically, it’s a partnership between me, and any of you who have blogs (or podcasts) and would like to take part. Over the week or two (depending on numbers) after the serialisation starts, I metaphorically go from blog to blog, stopping at a different one each day. At each “stop” I can do a question and answer session, talk a little about Game Night, or perhaps do a competition with a paper copy of the book as a prize.

i.e. What this really means is that once a day, someone else will do a blog post on their blog about Game Night. I’ll help them create whatever the content will be, and then they’ll post it up.

So if you have a blog or a podcast, this might be where you come in.

What’s in it for me? That’s obvious. I get to have more people hear about Game Night and the serialisation.

What’s in it for you? Well I’ll be doing my best to publicise the blog tour, starting with twittering each stop, and posting about it on this blog, so hopefully you’ll get people visiting your blog who otherwise might never have known you existed. (Or you can just do it to do me a favour).

I should stress that each stop is supposed to be different. I’m not talking about me expecting people to post the same old press release. I’m envisaging you each asking me different questions or doing different competitions, so each post will be different.

And there’s a second thing I must stress. This is not limited to big, popular blogs. Obviously, there are limits. If your blog’s only read by you, your mother, and your surprisingly literate dog, then it’s probably not suitable. But if you have say a Live Journal with fifty or sixty friends – then I would be very, very much interested.

I’m not expecting Wil Wheaton here… though if you are reading this Wil, I’d just like to say what a fan of your work I am, and how I’m sure we really could be close personal friends were it not for the fact that a) we live on different continents and b) you don’t know me.

I can also supply standard “header” and “footer” text for the blog pieces giving details about the book, so it should be reasonably easy to quickly format up the post, because you’ll just have to slap the “meat” in. (You can alter those bits as much as you like, or not use them, or whatever – they’re just intended to reduce the workload).

This also means that the pieces don’t have to be long. I’m not expecting people to put much work in. Because each stop is part of a longer tour, each stop doesn’t have to be self-contained, but can built on the other stops.

So if you want to do a stop which consists simply of you asking me one question, albeit perhaps a rather unusual one, that’s fine. It will sit nicely between the standard bits about the book.

And you don’t actually have to talk about Game Night. I’m happy to talk about me, Critical Miss, why we’re giving an entire novel away for free, writing – whatever you find interesting.

At the end of the day, the more stops I have, and the more varied they are, the better the tour will be. If I had to choose, I’d rather do a whole load of smaller blogs, each focussed on a circle of friends, than a handful of big impersonal ones. So please don’t not volunteer because you think your blog isn’t big enough.


Well if you’re interested, please email me at jonny (at) jonnynexus dot com. What I’d like to know is:

* Who you are (feel free to skip this if you’re a close personal friend of mine).

* A very brief description of your blog, with a URL so I can have a peek at it.

* What sort of stop you’d like to do.

At the moment, I can mainly envisage two things we could do on a stop – and feel free to do both of them.

1) A Q&A session. Basically, a few days beforehand you email me a list of questions and I email you back some replies. (And then perhaps you email me some supplimentary questions if what I’ve said sparks something off).

2) A competion. Basically, you come up with the idea of a competion, tailoring it to your readers and what they’re into, and then you judge the results. The reason I want you to do it isn’t to avoid work; it’s that I want each competion to be specific and related to the blog which is hosting it. (But I’m very happy to offer suggestions). Then you email me the name and address of the person who won, and I’ll send them a book. (It doesn’t matter where they are in the world – I’ve shipped quite a few books internationally, and it’s not that expensive).

But I’m open to other ideas. If you have a podcast you could phone me up and do an interview. If you’re in London or Brighton I might potentially be able to meet you for a face-to-face interview. And if you want any kind of pictures, then let me know what you need and I might be able to get it for you. (Although I’ll state now that I draw the line at anything involving a dodgy pose and a sex toy).

As to timing, the idea is to have one slot per day, but other than that, you can take your pick from the free slots so that you can pick one that suits you. Once the tour starts to fill up, I’ll do a post saying when and where I’ll be, with the slots still free shown.

That’s it. I have no idea whether or not this will work or be a complete non-event, but I figure I might as well give it a go. Hopefully it will be a fun and productive thing all round, but we’ll see. (If I mention it a few times then never mention it again, then you can take it that it was a humiliating failure and additionally take it as read that I never wish to hear it mentioned in my presense).

And sorry for the rather late notice of this post.

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