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Last Night’s Game…

Last night found us facing our biggest challenge of the campaign so far: a sanity test in which the penalty for success was a D10 san loss, with failure incurring a scarcely believable D100 penalty. And the three of us were already had San scores down in the fifties at this point.

For those who don’t play Call of Cthulhu: our characters encountered something so mind-numbingly awful that we had a roughly fifty-fifty chance of suffering a massive psychological shock, and that phychological shock would be of such magnitude that were we to suffer it our chances of going permanently insane as a result (as opposed to merely temporarily do-lally) were also about fifty-fifty.


50 % chance of being very shaken.

25% chance of going temporarily insane.

25% chance of going permenantly insane.

We somehow all made it. Mostly.

Oh, and apparently the worlds going to end in thirteen months time, presumably unless we save it.

No pressure then.

Last Night’s Game

We started last night off with a discussion about General Tangent’s plans for when we next pause our Masks of Nyarlathotep Call of Cthulhu campaign. He’s thinking of running the old classic Traveller campaign, The Traveller Adventure, using Mongoose Publishing’s new Traveller rules.

(I’m very much up for this, as I love Traveller, and I did point out that one advantage of using this particular version of the rules is that I have their writer, Gar Hanrahan’s mobile number in my address book, which would be an excellent resource if we were to have any rules disputes. I’m not sure General Tangent quite agreed. I’m not sure Gar would either.)

Anyhow, as General Tangent put it, he wanted to do it as a good old style straight hard science fiction game, which then led onto the following exchange:

John: But have they solved the most fundamental problem with Traveller?

General Tangent: Which is?

John: The huge difference between tech levels. If you’ve got a tech level 20 whatever against tech level 10 Kevlar, it’s going to punch straight through. Basically, the higher tech level wins in combat.

Me: I think that’s the “hard” he was referring to when he said he wanted to do hard SF.

TAFKAC: Yeah, if you’re tech level ten and they’re tech level 20 you don’t get into a fight with them!

I had a very funny moment at the end of that conversation. I was backing up some emails at the time (UK2. Don’t ask.) and as a result, my Skype connection was blocky and kept on freezing. And it froze (with TAFKAC in a smiling, pointing pose) at just the point you would freeze it if you were doing a screen-capture comic like DM of the Rings or Darths and Droids – sort of like the picture of Sean Bean at the bottom left of this strip.

I’m so totally going to do some screen captures some time and put them through Comic Life.   🙂

Anyhow, we did finally get onto Call of Cthulhu, in which my author character Zac, writer of the not-quite-that-popular Jonny Tennessee pulp novels (Zac’s character quote: “What would Jonny do?”) met someone who we thought was a seriously hot Egyptian god but who turned out to be merely a seriously hot (looks 18) high priestess and, after asking himself what Jonny would do and deciding that the answer was “try to get her into bed”, asked her to come round for breakfast (at this point still thinking she was a god) and was rather ecstatic when she said yes.

Somewhere along the line she offered me more ecstacy than I could possibly imagine, I asked her out to dinner, and she said yes.

I fear Zac may not survive past next Tuesday.

Quote of the session:

TAFKAC: [Upon being told that someone he’d hired wore glasses] You never said he had glasses. I never hire people with glasses.

John: No. You don’t hit people with glasses.

Me: Perhaps he doesn’t hire people he can’t then at some point hit?

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