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Mugs For Discworld Convention Charity Auction

The last weekend in August will see me at the Discworld Convention in Warwick to sell copies of Game Night and If Pigs Could Fly in the trade hall. I had a really good time at last year’s Irish Discworld Convention, and sold 50+ books, and had an equally good time selling just Game Night at the Discworld Convention in 2008, selling 70+ books on that occasion. (Mainly though word of mouth, to people who arrived at my table saying: “[Chris|Kris|Brian] said I had to go and buy your book”).

At each convention there’s a charity auction. I generally donate a copy of each book, but I thought that this time, it would be nice to do something a little extra. So I’ve come up with a pair of mugs:

Mugs1 Mugs2

Each mug has the full wraparound book cover. These are completely custom and unique items, as they’re tagged to this charity auction at this event. I will literally never make another pair of mugs quite like these again. I’ll be offering along with signed copies of Game Night and If Pigs Could Fly. I’m hoping someone will like them enough to bid on them.

I Will Be At Discworld 2010

This post is perhaps taking advance notice to a ridiculous extreme, but just for the record, and because, well, I am going to be there… I’ll be at the Discworld convention 2010, run by my very good friend Brian Nisbet. I was at the last convention in 2008 (it’s run every other year) and it was perhaps the friendliest convention I’ve been to.

There was a stage during the Sunday evening where I realised what it felt like: a family wedding, a bunch of people who didn’t all know each other, but who were united in common community and shared affection.

If you’re a fan of things Discworld, I’d strongly recommend it.

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