That writing involves frustratingly long lead times between you completing a book and it being published is a reasonably well known fact. That there can sometimes be a long lead time between you completing a book and it being announced, it perhaps less well-known. But it’s even more frustrating.

So it’s with great pleasure that I can finally now talk about the thing I spent a chunk of last summer working on, “The NeXus Files”, which is being published by Mongoose Publishing this summer. Here’s the blurb:

In May 2003, Jonny Nexus embarked on a journey that would take him from the ruins of post-WWIII Poland to the shores of long-gone realms, and from the faded grandeur of 1920s Venice to the twice-sunned deserts of alien worlds. During this journey he would view fabulous sights, witness epoch-shattering events, and meet beings of both might and majesty – many of whom he then proceeded to kill. He engaged millennia old vampires in hand-to-hand combat armed only with petrol bombs and a ready wit. He uncovered secrets of ages past; he forgot secrets of ages past. He robbed from those that had money, and kept it. Across a score of glittering worlds he entirely failed to write himself into either myth or legend.

But he did have fun.

And somewhere along the way he even found time to die.

Several times.

For thirty months, Jonny Nexus recorded the thoughts aroused by, and the lessons learned from, his twice-weekly roleplaying habit in a column he wrote for Mongoose Publishing’s Signs & Portents magazine. Part travelogue, part guide, part manual, and part manifesto, these are those columns.

It all started around eighteen months ago when Mongoose contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working with them on a reprint / compilation of the “Jonny Nexus Experience” column I used to write for their magazine Signs & Portents. I was pretty happy with the pieces I’d written, and loved the idea of them being available in one nice neat package with my name on it. So I said yes. But we didn’t want it to simply be a reprint, so we agreed that we would try to add some extra content. What we ended up with was this:

  1. An introduction (introductory essay really), giving a bit of context to the creation of the columns, together with a tutorial about roleplaying intended to make it a bit more accessible to non-roleplayers.
  2. All 30 columns that I wrote, together with new, additional “explanitory” notes for each (a sort of “director’s commentary”).
  3. Two bonus columns, one of which completes the story of my Sunday/Tuesday/Monday group’s Orient Express Cthulhu campaign.

So far, there isn’t much information out there about it. The best I found was this link on FRP Games, where it’s available for pre-order. But as I get more information, I’ll mention it here.

I’m pretty chuffed to have it coming out. Hope everyone likes it.