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The New Hero Kickstarter Edition Is Out

NewHeroIt’s been a little while since Stone Skin Press kickstarted the New Hero, their short story anthology featuring my Pete Stone story, a fair while since the cover was revealed, and an even longer time since I  revealed my part in it. Now, finally, the Kickstarter edition is out, and I’m very, very chuffed. My Kickstarter package came today (from Leisure Games) and it also included a bonus sampler of four stories plus an Aesop print.

It’s very cool to think that in a space of a few days, a couple of hundred people are going to be getting a book with my story in it. And according to its Amazon page, as from 11th April, the book will be available on general release.

It features stories by Ed Greenwood, Adam Marek, Richard Dansky, Monte Cook, Julia Bond Ellingboe, Kyla Ward, Jeff Tidball, Maurice Broaddus, Graeme Davis, Monica Valentinelli, Kenneth Hite, Chuck Wendig and Alexandra & Peter Freeman.

I can’t wait to hear what people think of the book, and my story in particular. Assuming they like it, of course!

I Have It

As of last night, I now have a copy (ARC) of The New Hero. And as you can see, I was so happy my eyes started glowing red. Sorry about that. I try to keep control, but sometimes I just lose it. Luckily, no-one got hurt and there was no damage save to a small patch of now slightly browned wall.

I also picked up Stone Skin Press’s second book, Shotguns v. Cthulhu, and got it signed by Steve Dempsey, who has a story in it.

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