The Best Bit About Tomorrow’s New Hero Launch…

…is that I’ll hopefully get to see the New Hero’s rather nifty cover in print for the first time, with my guy Pete Stone right there on the cover. (Launch is Wednesday 20th June at the London Book Club, doors open 7 pm for 7:30 pm start, [details]).


New Hero Launch at The London Book Club – 20th June

Stone Skin Press is a new British publishing house from the guys behind the very cool RPG publishers Pelgrane Press. In their own words:

Where genre meets literature, where geek culture meets the mainstream, there is Stone Skin Press. With a series of literary anthologies to challenge the boundaries between genres and creative scenes, Stone […]

Stone Skin Press And Me

What’s Stone Skin Press? Well it’s a newly launched fiction imprint from well-regarded gaming publisher Pelgrane Press (Esoterrorists, Trail of Cthulhu, Dying Earth), with renowned writer Robin Laws ably1 serving as Creative Director.

Why am I telling you this? For the self-centred and perhaps even egotistical reason that I’ve got a story in one of […]