Is There Really No Such Genre As Humorous SF/Fantasy?

Today is not turning out to be a day to be happy. At best it’s turning out to be a day to think, and it’s not proving to be the sort of thinking that leads to outcomes I like.


Well I’ve got a simple ambition – simple to define that is, certainly not simple […]

The Campaign For Real Stairs

Stairs are good, good for you, and good for the planet. Take the stairs instead of a lift (an elevator for those of you from across the pond) and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and improve your fitness level. So given those facts, why the hell do the architects of modern hotels and office blocks […]

UK2, Spammers, And The Mysterious Disappearance Of My Website

Friday lunchtime, everything was fine in the world, or at least in my on-line portion of it. My new website was up, functioning, and looking – dare I say it – pretty good. Granted, I was getting a torrent of grotesquely horrible spam comments on the blog portion of the site, but the WordPress spam […]