Back at the start of the year, I released in PDF form a free novella-length prequel to my novel Game Night. The 30,000 word novella, Saving Stone, told the tale of an earlier adventure by Game Night’s roleplaying gods and their poor, confused mortal “characters”. What are Saving Stone (and Game Night) about? Well here’s the blurb I usually give at conventions.

You know the old idea about Greek gods who play games with the affairs of mortal men? Well this a group of Greek-style gods playing a roleplaying game with the affairs of some mortal men. It’s really an excuse to tell the story of a roleplaying game from the point of view of both the players (the gods) and the characters (their mortals). But the key thing here is that the reality that the mortal men are experiencing is real, because when gods dream they create reality, albeit in this case a horribly fractured, warping, looping, dysfunctional reality, because they’re playing the game really, really badly.

Game Night and Saving Stone are basically just funny fantasy stories with a gaming theme.

But it occurred to me a few days ago that I’ve picked up quite a few Twitter and blog followers since then, many of whom might have no idea that Saving Stone even exists – so I thought I ought to remind people that it’s out there. Here’s some of the feedback I got:

“The funniest story I’ve read in a long time… At one point, I was laughing so hard, I was crying.” [Link]
Old Guy RPG Blog

“You should read it. Immediately… It captures the roleplaying experience in all its wonderful and absurd glory, with a fidelity I’ve never seen before.” [Link]
Roger Carbol

“Ha! Just got to the Sword-and-Scroll bit. Brilliant!” [Link]

“Amazingly funny! Thank you for the knee slapping crying laugh I had at the scene in the “treasure room”. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time!” [Link]

“Right, Mr. Nexus, I want to know how you’ve tuned into my Tuesday night sessions so well? Brilliant. I’m HIGHLY entertained.” [Link]
pyroriffic, Critical Miss Forums

Anyhow, if you haven’t yet checked Saving Stone out, then I’d be grateful if you took a look at it. Here it is:

If you have checked it out, and liked it, I’d be grateful if you’d try spreading the word a bit. It was always my intention to release it online and free as a advert for Game Night – but for that to work it needs to spread by word of mouth. If no-one talks about it, then it was a waste of time me writing it. So if you can mention it on forums, blogs and twitter, I’d be very, very grateful.