Last Night’s Game…

We’re still playing Spirit of the Century, but John has now stepped in to take a turn in the GM’s chair.

Moment of the Night: One

We were in a room at a museum, talking to an woman who wanted to hire Addison Grey, TAFKAC’s “I see dead people” private eye, to find an item […]

Last Night’s Game…

The funniest thing last night in our Spirit of the Century game actually related to me remembering an event from the previous session (which was two weeks ago).

Now you have to remember that I’m playing a bloke whose brain has been transplanted into the body of a gorilla. We’re at a ski lodge in […]

My Spirit of the Century Character Takes Shape

My Monday night group have just started playing Spirit of the Century, a free-wheeling pulp role-playing game based on the Fate system. We’re managing to take our time on character creation (three sessions and counting so far), but as we’re really enjoying it, the system’s looking good, and I’m really chuffed about the characters we’re […]