I’ve just discovered a rather cool new feature that Amazon have introduced: Author Pages.

Basically, it’s a page for each author which can customised with the author’s picture and a biography. You can get to the author’s page by simply typing the author’s name into the search box. The author page should then appear as the second item in the last, along with all the various books by or about that author.

Here’s Neil Gaiman’s for example:

The really cool thing is that you don’t have to create the page. Amazon will create a default one, just waiting for you to fill it in. For example:

Mind you… It turns out that not every author has had an author page created. Here’s what I get when I type “Jonny Nexus” into Amazon:

Thanks Amazon! ‘Preciate that! That latter book’s by “Anonymous” by the way. How the hell they get “Nexus” into that I have no idea. The answer might be in its product page, but I’m frankly too scared to look.

Anyhow, I’m thinking I should perhaps stick to Amazon.com:

No author page, but no spank books by “Anonymous” either. That’s gotta be a result, right?