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After starting Critical Miss, I was able to make the move into professional writing, starting with a column for the now defunct quarterly roleplaying magazine Valkyrie. I moved on from there to write for leading roleplaying publishers Mongoose Publishing, writing first the Slayers Guide to Games Masters and then a monthly column for their magazine Signs & Portents.

Most of those columns have now been compiled into The Jonny Nexus Compilation which is available as a purchased PDF download. The Slayers Guide To Games Masters is apparently sold out, but it can also now be purchased as a PDF download.

In 2008 I ventured out of “genre” territory when I submitted a short story I’d written called “The Ghostwriter” for reading at the prestigious Tales of the Decongested event at Foyles bookshop. The story was accepted, and I read it at their July event. You can read “The Ghostwriter” here.

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