Today is Sunday 24th February 2019, and that means that after what seems like a very, very long wait, the Sleeping Dragon is finally being published, worldwide, in paperback and in Amazon Kindle. The paperback is priced at $9.99 / £6.99, and for the time being, the Kindle version is at a special launch price of $0.99 / £0.99.

Last night, I, my family, my friends, and a few members of the public held a launch party, Jonnycon II. I’ll do a follow up post for that.

I first outlined the basic plot of the novel in early 2008; I think I finished that outline whilst on a flight to San Francisco with my wife.  I wrote half of it back then, then abandoned it to write an (as yet) unpublished time travel novel, and then wrote If Pigs Could Fly, before finally returning to it in 2016. Even then, going through the structural edit and then the copy edit has taken a long time.

But I’m really hoping it’s all worth it. I think it’s a good book, I’m very proud of it, and I really hope you all like it.

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In the run up to the launch day, I did a series of “Countdown to Sleeping Dragon” blog posts. Click here to read them.

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The Sleeping Dragon is now available for order worldwide in paperback at $9.99 / £6.99 and on Amazon Kindle at an introductory price of 99p in the UK and 99c in the US:

UK Link:

US Link:

(Those are the Kindle links, but with one click form those you can switch to the paperback version).